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I need some chicks!

I need some chicks!

This is a picture of my first ever Chicken Coop. I made it myself with some spare timber I had lieing around. I started with an old pallet and built it up from there. The left hand side of the roof lifts off so you can get at the eggs. All I need now is some chickens!


Marmalade Anyone?

Marmalade Anyone?

Yesterday I made my first ever home made Marmalade. It was so easy to make, and so delicious!

Monks Lane in the Snow

Monks Lane in the Snow

This is Monks Lane which is the lane that the Monks used to take between the 13th and 15th Centuries to travel from Wadhurst Church to Bayham Abbey, Bayham Abbey is now in ruins, thanks to King Henry VIII who dissolved the Monestries and Abbeys in the 15th Century,

You can still visit Bayham Abbey ruins:

A funny Dream

I had a really weird couple of Dreams last night.

In the first dream, I dreamt that I was living in North Korea and that I was trying to escape, it was a bit like escaping from the Truman Show! I was hopping on and off busses and trains trying to escape!

In the second dream, I was standing on the deck of a huge aircraft carrier, when there was a fly past of the most unusual collection of planes and flying machines ever! They wre flying incredibly low, and some of them were really odd shapes. One of them seemed to look a bit like the Starship Enterprise!